Goodbye Summer!

Boating in Ibiza

Can you believe the summer’s come and gone? It always goes by too quickly, but this one really flew.  I started the summer traveling – India, Israel and Ibiza (above.)  (Funny how they all start with the letter I.) This week, as I ready for our Donna Karan runway show, I’ve been working with all the amazing Indian scarves that inspired the collection.  Yet, in between my world traveling and the return to the New York fashion world, I came home to the Hamptons, where I’ve spent every summer for as long as I can remember.

I start my day at Yoga Shanti in Sag Harbor, taking a class with Rodney Yee or Colleen Saidman Yee.  Then I go to my Urban Zen store, which is right next door to my daughter Gabby’s restaurant Tutto il Giorno, where we meet friends and family for lunch or dinner.

Rodney and Me

Colleen and me

My favorite part of the summer is spending time with my grandkids. Stephania is all about horseback riding, and also went to camp for the first time – which she loved. And you can see in this picture of Sebastian, how he’s already like his father and my Stephan with his love of bikes.

Polo in the Hamptons

Sebastian and Me on a motorcycle

Stefania and her favorite horse

Steph on the plane

The Hamptons is a mecca for fundraising.  Our Super Saturday – the annual designer sale to benefit Ovarian Cancer Research Fund – was 16 years old and more successful than ever, raising over $3.5 million.

Super Saturday 16

Urban Zen sponsored “Haiti in the Hamptons.”  We featured four amazingly talented women – Caroline Sadar, Pascale Theard, Paula Coles, and Shelley Clay - whom I consider the mothers of Haiti.  I had arranged for them to stay at my house. It was wonderful to introduce them to Rodney and Colleen and their family, as well as my friend and fellow Hamptonite Christie Brinkley.

Haiti in the Hamptons

Somewhere in all of this, I went to the opening of my friend Sheila Johnson’s Salamander Resort and Spa in Middleburg, Virginia. What an amazing work of love.  It has everything for everyone – including a wellness spa and an equestrian program. It’s a stunning property, 35 minutes away from DC.  My secret hope is it that it helps promote the importance of wellness to those in charge in Washington.

Sheila Johnson

Now I’m back at work, for that crazy-busy time of year called Fashion Week. Stay tuned.

                                                                                                                                                                                All my love,


Can you believe Super Saturday is in its 15th year?!? I couldn’t be more excited with how it’s grown. The annual summer Hamptons Fundraiser has only gotten better with age: last year we raised a record $ 3.5 million with over 2500 attendees, and this year we expect even more people and to raise even more money! This all started as a simple tag sale in Liz Tilberis’ back yard. Liz had ovarian cancer and nobody was aware of the disease, so we just had to bring awareness. We emptied our closets and got all of our friends together and wound up buying all of each other’s things. It just grew from there, requiring bigger spaces with more vendors wanting in and more people buying tickets. The beautiful thing about Super Saturday now is that it’s no longer only shopping. It’s about unity. You’re communicating with the customer – dressing and addressing her. The whole family comes together. You get to shop. The kids hang out and play games, there’s fabulous food, and we all get to raise money and awareness for The Ovarian Cancer Research Fund. Everybody’s happy and wants to return - which is what makes it such a hot ticket year after year. I’m sure Liz is smiling down at her legacy – an event that will live on with care, compassion, connection, collaboration, creativity, and commitment to finding a cure.

Learn more about Super Saturday and Ovarian Cancer here